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The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) annual research shows that the Travel & Tourism sector not only accounts for over 10% of global GDP but for one in ten jobs on the planet, and one in four new jobs created globally in the last five years. COVID-19 has dramatically altered life as we know it and the Travel & Tourism sector is uniquely exposed. As we consider the impact of the crises, we realize it could fundamentally alter the future of the Travel Agency business.

David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group explains, “for travel consultants and advisors the challenges have been many, including the initial effort to address cancellations, refunds and rebooking, in many instances for little or no compensation, all of which further impacted by an amplified crisis that extends well beyond the travel industry.” …

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Today marks #WorldElephantDay — an opportunity to celebrate these majestic creatures and a day that brings the world together to help protect elephants, wildlife and their habitat.

Most importantly, a chance to help raise awareness of responsible and ethical practices in wildlife tourism and the gained benefits for conservation and local communities.

Across the globe, elephants are facing threats from poaching, human-wildlife conflict and habitat destruction. In Africa alone, an estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts, leaving a staggering number of only 400,000 remaining elephants.

Back in 2018, our research on the ‘Economic Impact of Global Wildlife Tourism’ provided an estimation of the global economic contribution of Wildlife Tourism. The study found that wildlife tourism is five times bigger than poaching; this means that a strong incentive for communities to protect and display animals to the world rather than killing them for a one-off cash bonus is the way forward. In other words, wildlife is far more worth alive than dead. …

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On this ‘World Day Against Trafficking in Persons’, we’d like to honour survivors by recognising those working every day to eradicate this form of modern-day slavery and recommitting ourselves to this urgent task.

The outbreak of COVID-19, with its imposed restrictions all over the world, may have se t some difficulties for first responders of human trafficking to assist victims.

Still, there are and have been people working in different sectors whose contribution has been overlooked and unrecognised. These are the people who identify, support, counsel and seek justice for victims of trafficking and challenges daily the impunity of traffickers.

But a global problem like trafficking needs a global solution.


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World Travel & Tourism Council works to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world's largest industries. Join the conversation - #WTTC

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