5 Ways Tourism Can Support Local Economies

“I pledge to buy local — including food, experiences, and guides.”

But What Constitutes Local Travel?

Since we noted that multinational companies account for much of the tourism leakage found around the world, it begs the question of what, exactly, constitutes a local travel experience. Does local mean products and services originate from the country, from the region, or from the town/village? In truth, local travel encompasses all three, and more.

3 Ways Travellers Can Support Local Businesses

No matter which style of vacation you choose, seek ways to support locally-owned restaurants. This money will travel not only to the restaurant, tour operator or shopkeeper, but it infuses money into the local communities, sending ripples of economic support throughout the business’ entire local supply chain. Here are three ways you can commit to leaving more money behind on your next vacation:

1. Eat in a locally owned restaurant at least once during your stay.

2. Take a walking tour using a local guide in each destination you visit.

3. Buy souvenirs made locally in your destination by locals.



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