8 ways Responsible Tourism benefits local communities

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A better community for residents.

The money that tourists spend can be reinvested in local economies, from public services to education.

Lots of jobs.

Tourism is a sector that is all about people — and as such is an incredible driver of job creation from big cities to small local communities.

More creative and entrepreneurial.

Tourism’s positive ripple effect not only helps support local businesses but fosters entrepreneurship and new business ventures.

Opportunities for all.

Tourism offers opportunities to people from all walks of life, supporting vulnerable groups, including minorities, youth and women among others.

More peaceful and more tolerant.

Tourism is a driver for peace. It helps promote tolerance between people as they learn and better understand each other’s cultures.

Preserving heritage.

Tourism can help protect and finance the preservation of historic and cultural sites, and even prompt the creation of new community initiatives.

Preserving the wildlife we love.

Tourism can help protect and revitalise wildlife through preservation programmes against illegal poaching and creates conservation jobs

Fuelling the adoption of sustainable tech.

Tourism helps accelerate the integration of innovative technologies, which can facilitate your everyday activities while enhancing sustainability and creating more touchless experiences.

Our mission is to maximise the inclusive and sustainable growth potential of the Travel & Tourism sector. Join the conversation #WTTC

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