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Our mission is to maximise the inclusive and sustainable growth potential of the Travel & Tourism sector. Join the conversation #WTTC

Learn how to make responsible choices as a company, or as a traveller to protect children.

Volunteering is a common option for people looking for meaningful experiences. While it can be a valuable way to contribute to society, that can bring positive benefits to both the community and the volunteer, certain forms of voluntourism that involve direct or indirect contact with children have shown to have a range of harmful consequences which tourists should be mindful of.

Volunteering in residential care centres and visiting orphanages fuels the growth of institutions and separates children from their families. Such visits can disrupt…

Tulum, Mexico

Humans have long been described as creatures of habit, but when it comes to travel, we’re also creatures of curiosity — poised to discover the next adventure, culture, or country on our list, if we’re lucky enough to be able to travel.

On the other hand, although in life familiarity can breed contempt, there is something incredibly comforting and alluring about returning to a place you’ve been and loved.

Whether it’s at home or abroad, the nostalgic memories of a much-loved trip can be intoxicating, especially on these difficult days. …

Women at her desk working

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for the Travel & Tourism sector, which suffered a loss of almost US$4.5 trillion in GDP in 2020 and dropped by a monumental 49.1%. While government support, including fiscal and liquidity incentives and support, has been instrumental in supporting businesses throughout the crisis, other less obvious measures have the potential to facilitate the swift recovery of the sector, such as the introduction of longer weekends, and in turn shorter working weeks.

The shift to a shorter, four-day, working week could stimulate the economic recovery including the Travel & Tourism sector and spread benefits to…

Lean into the stretch, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Deep breath in…and out. These familiar words can be heard in most yoga classes, worldwide. Breathwork and poses are the building blocks of this ancient form of exercise making it a fantastic way to improve flexibility, muscle strength, breathing, and, ultimately, health.

The UK NHS definition of yoga highlights its ability “to boost physical and mental wellbeing.” We know that travel can be good for your mental health, so why not consider an international yoga retreat to help you improve and maintain good mental health?

In August 2017, The World Travel & Tourism Council appointed Gloria Guevara Manzo as its new President & CEO. It would be the first time in the Council’s history that a woman and Latina would lead the organisation.

Under her leadership, WTTC’s work has focused on three key priorities:

  • Security and travel facilitation, including finding innovative ways to promote seamless, secure travel such as biometric technology.
  • Preparedness and response for crises, whether man-made or natural.
  • Sustainable growth to ensure travel and tourism has a positive impact on people, cities and nature.

Throughout these priorities and her relentless work establishing long-term…

Let’s go on a cosmic journey… to the Himalayas.

As nature-based tourism emerges strongly in a post-COVID world, Astro-tourism presents immense opportunities to create positive social, economic and conservation benefits.Astro-tourism is a form of experiential tourism that encompasses travelling for astronomy-related experiences — ranging from night-time star gazing in locations with access to dark skies, observatories or special events like a solar eclipse or meteor showers.

By the very nature of Astro-tourism, the best vantage points are usually located in remote and rural areas. …

Happy International Women’s Day! In celebration of this day, we are highlighting some of the many inspiring women throughout history and the beautiful countries they hail from.

Vice President Kamala Harris

We’re kicking off this list with one of the most influential women of 2021: the USA’s first woman Vice-President, first Black Vice-President, and first South Asian Vice-President. Vice President Harris made history when she was elected last year and again when she was inaugurated in January. These significant milestones are not the first time she has made history in her career and we’re sure they will not be the…

With the recent release of our Mental Health Guidelines, we explore IC Bellagio’s, a WTTC member, mental health initiatives for their employees and partners.

IC Bellagio Logo

We care” is one of IC Bellagio’s core values, that we proudly apply not only to our distinguished guests but to all of our team members. IC Bellagio offers all employees different benefits and opportunities to make them feel an active and positive part of the team.

The company strongly believes in offering creative and unusual educational experiences to enable each individual the chance to grow within the company - these include webinar training sessions on…

Wildlife tourism can make a significant contribution to the conservation and preservation of the incredible animals that live on our planet. By booking a trip to see an animal we’ve always wanted to observe in its home country or region, we can also contribute to the local economy and conservation efforts. It can truly be win-win-win for the wildlife, the local community, and travellers!

Here are four ways wildlife tourism positively contributes to conservation:

World Travel & Tourism Council

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