Dark Tourism to Keep the Peace

Tourists in Hiroshima. (Image: Shutterstock)

Destination: Hiroshima

When an atomic bomb engulfed the city of Hiroshima on an August morning in 1945, the city became fairly synonymous with the events and aftermath of that day. While rebuilding itself, Hiroshima embraced pacifism, which is evident today in its Peace Memorial Park, Peace Boulevard, Gates of Peace, annual Peace Week, and even its rental bicycles, which are dubbed ‘peacecles’. So, when visitors flock to Hiroshima, they bear witness not only to the brutish aggression that caused its destruction, but also the process of reconciliation and restoration.

Hiroshima Peace Park. (Image: Shutterstock)

Destination: Trinity

While Hiroshima was engulfed with an atomic bomb, the Trinity Site was the arid home of the first testing of a nuclear weapon a month before the bombings in Japan. Trinity, which is located in a live and operational US Missile Range, is only open for public viewing twice a year. During the six-hour open house events, visitors can wander the site, tour the house of the Manhattan Project scientists, touch the monument erected on the spot of the detonation, take photographs and even purchase souvenirs.

Trinity Test Site. (Image: Shutterstock)



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