Do you want to be on the endangered species list?

For anyone that has ever considered their existence on this planet, one thing is clear: the cosmic mistake that has allowed for the birth of humanity is something we must be grateful for as long as we exist. MILLIONS of years of evolutionary process has allowed us to build everything around us. It has made us who we are at this moment in time. From the manmade structures our ancestors have built, to the concepts of government, law, religion, money, and society that now govern our world, we have used our collective imagination to build a home we should not be so quick to lay in ruin.

Humanity has shaped its history throughout these millions of years with collaboration. As vast and wide as this planet is, we did not reach a population of 1 billion people till 1800 (give or take 5 years). It was just two days ago that the world population was estimated to reach 7,500,000,000 at 16:21(UTC) on 24 April 2017. Global human population growth amounts to around 75 million annually, or 1.1% per year. The global population has grown from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 billion in 2012. It is expected to keep growing, and estimates have put the total population at 8.4 billion by mid-2030, and 9.6 billion by mid-2050. This acceleration in population growth meant and still means that we need to find ways to work together to ensure our survival and sustained growth. The population is not shrinking down any time soon, and that collaboration resulted in everything you see around you.

Humanity is also obsessed with progress. And in this rush to build and thrive, we have not been the best planners. We are now at a critical juncture in our planet’s history, when we have pillaged so much of its resources, we have begun looking to the stars for other planets with resources to sustain us. However, while the race to become a multi-planetary species is fascinating, we should be focusing our efforts on fixing the planet that we currently live on. The one that nurtured us for millions upon millions of years. The one that birthed us. We wouldn’t exist without it.

We have got to recommit ourselves to saving the one planet we all share.

We can no longer sit idly by as the people shaping policies the world over and the people who elect them or hire them continue to deny facts about climate change. We can no longer sit idly by as bad travellers litter this planet with bad behaviour. We can no longer allow for apathy to be the status quo. This is just the beginning. We need to plant the seed of responsibility for the planet in everybody’s minds. Talk to everyone you know. Educate yourself and others. Think more about what you could do. Start with yourself. Start here.

We must work together to shape humanity’s future with collaboration once again, until our planet’s safety and survival is guaranteed.

Is it too much to ask?

You taught me to dream.

You taught me to question.


Did you think about me when the decisions were yours to make?

The waves that we’d play in, now threaten to destroy a village, a town, a race.

Oceans of life became the tides of destruction.

How could we have so much, when so many had so little?

Did we embrace building whilst turning our backs on community?

When did some people become more equal than others?

Are we born to wonder but taught to discriminate?

Why do we ignore the evidence of climate change when its effects are clear to see?

Is the one who witnesses also complicit?

Think carefully now; is it too much to ask?

Take me please to where storybook vistas can live on.

Where to quest is unquestioned and nature is free to thrive.

Where I can breathe deep and admire a rising sun.

I hear we have the knowledge, the know-how, to cover our footprints in the sand.

When did the quest for wonder become a threat to our existence?

When did taking a plane go from a human right to a human wrong?

Did we note down the day when bad travellers outnumbered the good?

I hear we have the knowledge, the know how.

There is an industry that teaches everyone our planet’s worth, shows us our planet’s beauty,

That can mobilise a battalion of beliefs to confront the gathering storm.

Time to be counted.

Time to look straight in the face of the future and say, “Travel & Tourism lead the way.”

Think carefully now. Is it too much to ask?

Our mission is to maximise the inclusive and sustainable growth potential of the Travel & Tourism sector. Join the conversation #WTTC

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