IC Bellagio’s Mental Health Initiatives and Benefits

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4 min readFeb 17, 2021

With the recent release of our Mental Health Guidelines, we explore IC Bellagio’s, a WTTC member, mental health initiatives for their employees and partners.

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We care” is one of IC Bellagio’s core values, that we proudly apply not only to our distinguished guests but to all of our team members. IC Bellagio offers all employees different benefits and opportunities to make them feel an active and positive part of the team.

The company strongly believes in offering creative and unusual educational experiences to enable each individual the chance to grow within the company - these include webinar training sessions on each and every corner of Italy; supplier visits and virtual presentations; educational trips to discover; and personally understand each property and the experiences we offer.

IC Bellagio Tuscany Trip

IC Bellagio gives the opportunity to staff members to enjoy internship experiences abroad for personal and professional growth; every year an IC Bellagio employee has the opportunity to attend an international travel event alongside our CEO, Andrea Grisdale, and meet a wide selection of travel advisors and travel professionals.

IC Bellagio Amalfi Coast

IC Bellagio cares about those special occasions with staff members encouraged to enjoy their birthday as a paid day off to celebrate their special day.

We encourage initiative and compassion at IC Bellagio and have developed different ways to recognize these traits within the office. We nominate a staff member each month we feel most deserving of ‘employee of the month’, ‘team member of the month’ and also extend this recognition to our partners here in Italy.

The staff is very encouraged to take their lunch break hour and enjoy the sun outside on the patio during the summer months or take a wonderful walk/ bike ride to the nearby Bellagio hamlet, located directly on the lakeshore.

IC Bellagio Lake Como

Since the beginning of the pandemic, IC Bellagio has incorporated some special initiatives to reinforce the value of the community and to support each employee:

  • Daily huddles with all the Task Force members have been introduced: the employees take the time to review their workload, share news, exchange ideas in order to achieve goals.
  • On Friday afternoon, it is then time to celebrate the end of the week with a virtual aperitif: a special moment for the Task Force to share comments, feelings and have fun together while enjoying a glass of wine or a beer! This helps each member to feel closer despite the current physical distances.
IC Bellagio Virtual Apertif
  • Christmas lunch and the ensuing celebration have always been one of the best annual moments at IC Bellagio, this year the Task Force celebrated with a special virtual experience!
  • All members joined local expert guide Luca live on a virtual tour through the alleys and canals of Venice. The team admired the Rialto Bridge, saw the Grand Canal, and explored out-of-the-way neighborhoods and lesser-known sights, all the while learning about the current events and everyday life of a typical Veneziano!
IC Bellagio Venice

These special values and benefits are just a few examples of the great initiatives IC Bellagio has created for its amazing team. The company is always looking for new ideas and projects to create engagement among colleagues, spread positive vibes, and enhance the sense of community.

IC Bellagio Team

The post was written by IC Bellagio. IC Bellagio offers bespoke travel experiences and exclusive villa rentals for thousands of discerning travelers each year. To find out more about the company visit: https://www.icbellagio.com/

Follow their adventures and new initiatives on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ic_bellagio/

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