Walk in their flipflops: Leadership in the age of digital disruption

At the WTTC Global Summit in Buenos Aires last month, some of the Travel & Tourism sector’s most experienced CEOs discussed how they face up to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Perhaps the most interesting insight was that doing the same job better and smarter was everyone’s main focus. Being a digital leader is thus less about making sweeping changes to business models and more about making the existing business work faster and better.

Here are some other key insights:

Keep it simple

“We try to keep things very simple. So we might have social media now, and we need to use those tools, but at the end of the day the vision remains the same. You want to create amazing destinations where people will come and have fun.”

Empower your employees

Walk in their flipflops

“The most important thing is understanding the customer and using that knowledge to create the right kind of company culture that will motivate your people to engage with customers in a different way.”

Technology is servant, not master

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Be authentic and open

“Young people are OK with authority, but they don’t like hierarchy. So be yourself and don’t be afraid to sometimes make fun of yourself.”

Further reading: Travel 2025: How Digital Transformation and Global Growth Are Redefining Leadership Roles by Leadership Consultants Spencer Stuart. Join our webinar with them on July 12th. Details on www.wttc.org soon.



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